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@Oblivious_Jones Modestly Murdered His “Swimming With The Sharks” Album

With the release of Swimming With The Sharks” Missouri City’s most modest emcee, Oblivious Jones of the Summer Runners is set to make his imprint in the Houston hip hop scene.

Already well respected in the Mo City area and among a few rising local artists, O Jones wants to be in the category with the best of the best spitters in the game. This Swimming With The Sharks album is great indication that he is someone to be reckoned with.

From the opening track, “Intro” guys who come from areas of poverty, will relate. It’s a jail call. And I’m not to say that everyone goes to jail, but most of us have experience a loved one being behind bars. Normally they’re extremely anxious to tell a story and that’s how Oblivious is.

Through is lyrical prowess, he gives a detailed description of his lifestyle, his past history and his current situations.

On the second track “Swimming With Sharks,” at around the 1:35 mark, Jones goes into a lyrical frenzy. He raps:

“The one with the dreads got traded like Crowder or maybe like Griffin you know it’s a 30 when I put the clip in, I’m feeling like Curry when I put the clip in, blue flag to the left Bitch you know that I’m Crippin’ my section to trill for the drippin’

He does continue until the end of the beat but I’m just those few bars, he embraced the underdog in him by alluding to being traded. He let it be known that’s he’s clearly with the extras as he feels like Curry with the clip in and he openly speaks on his Crip gang affiliation. Add the Houston culture and them bars alone is a sample size of the entire project.

We already heard “Politiccin” and “History,” but the body of work is a testimony to Oblivious’ consummate lyrical abilities.

He does however dedicate track “9.16.18” to his family, being his girl and his baby boy who recently died at birth.

Jones has a great reputation of being a serious emcee, he still feels as if he top 5 in Missouri City, but let me tell you, after you jam Swimming With the Sharks, you’ll wonder why he doesn’t think he’s top 1.

Other notable tracks: The entire track list. Enjoy.