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@Oblivious_Jones Is Real With The Word Play; Check Out His Mixtape “The Black Sheep Gone Eat”

Oblivious Jones is trying to make it obvious that he’s top 5 in Missouri City, but he has a case that he’s tops in the city. I know that there’s a perspective that southerns rap lacks word play, well this guy is different. He’s definitively influenced by the traditional H-Town freestyle rap sound, but his word play is crazy. This guy has Big Sean bars. If you check out his mixtape The Black Sheep Gone Eat, and you go to track 4. “Make Em’ Mad” he displays his lyrical talent. He said:

“All of my n*****s they bout it, takin shots like paparazzi. Fly as the f**k like I’m sponsored by Hobby, blue flag red socks like yeah n***a Big Papi. You d**k ridin, swag what you copy. It’s been f**k 12, I still be coppin, I move four 0’s I’m pushing an Audi”

That’s just a small sample of the many many bars that’s on this mixtape. Check it out here.