In a Hip-Hop era where it seems as if extreme lyricism is dying, Oblivious Jones is keeping it alive. Being from the South where lyrical content is becoming devalued, this Missouri City, Texas native is still standing out. Oblivious Jones, also known as Jarred Patterson captures the crowd when he takes the stage. Not from cliche gimmicks, nor from enthusiastic dance moves, but from his music filled with intense metaphors and lyrical street substance, all fused with the Houston culture. It’s rare that you see someone with a mouth full of gold teeth utter out over the top lyrics. Put it like this, if Notorious BIG was from Houston, he’d be Oblivious Jones. It’s no secret why his current mixtape “Swimming With The Sharks” has over 10k streams. He’s been featured in Houston’s leading Urban Magazine Houston Trend, as well as opened up for several big names including: Nipsey Hussle, Tracy T. He has also performed at Los Magnificent Car Show where he killed the stage and his notoriety sky rocketed. Not only does Jones have other local emcees following him, but also has the No.1 radio host in the city, Hardbody Kiotti, following him. Although he’s been rapping, Jones has only began to take his craft seriously only three years ago and he’s moving at a swift pace. He accomplished in three short years, the same thing it normally takes artists 5 to 10 years to accomplish. Currently Jones is still growing his fan base in Houston with new single “Up Nigga,” but he’s also expanding to the Dallas Forth-Worth area. With the work ethic and drive this guy has, I won’t be surprised if he becomes a household name in the near future. So before you guys become hypebeast, go over to his social media, @Oblivious_Jones and see what the soon to be hype is about.